10 Best Chinese High School Dramas You Should Watch

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My teen years were a very important time in my life because I met some of my closest friends, learned a lot about myself, and discovered the beauty of sisterhood and love.

It wasn’t all roses, though. But this is a moment I think about very fondly because I was surrounded by people who got to see me mould and remould my personality over and over again.

So, if you also want to experience a bolt of nostalgia that would absolutely make you want to go back in time, these lovely high school Chinese dramas about teens will make you warm all over.

And before we get in, let me just quickly tell you guys that with most youth Chinese dramas, we usually start with the teenagers while they’re still in high school, go through college, and some of them even get to the point where they are working, so they are very much coming of age shows.

1. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You

Su Zai Zai, a cheerful transfer student, falls for the aloof Zhang Lu Rang, who struggles with self-doubt despite his outward confidence.

With the help of friends, including Su Zai Zai, Zhang Lu Rang learns to plan his life and finds romance. 

When I say it was the most beautiful thing ever, I’m not joking – watching him learn to love himself made me want to give him the biggest hug ever.

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2. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful 01

Chen Xiao Xi, a cheerful but academically lax high school student, was a breath of fresh air, and I genuinely loved everything about her.

The thing is that she has been in love with Jiang Chen, her popular and studious classmate/neighbor, and she was 100% not shy about letting him know in as many creative ways as possible.

This lovely high school Chinese drama follows them from their teen years up until adulthood, and you’ll love how their friendship group grew and expanded along the way.

3. Wait My Youth

Wait My Youth

This is a perfect high school Chinese drama on Netflix you can watch right now with subtitles and audio in different languages, and I assure you that you’re going to absolutely love every episode of it (I was crying by the end).

This time around, we follow Su Can Can, who is a big reader, and her friends who all experience their high school years, growing pains while in college, and then the hustle and bustle of adulthood.

One thing we can always count on a coming-of-age Chinese drama to do is show us the good and bad, the happy and painful, and this drama is not an exception because there were some scenes where my eyes were literally bloodshot from crying.

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4. When We Were Young

When we were young

When a lab explosion causes Yang Xi a serious injury and prevents her from running for class president and her competition, she’s furious and even angrier when she finds out that the person who caused the lab explosion is her new classmate, Hua Biao, who is then appointed the class president.

To say she hated him is probably going to be an understatement, but as for Hua Biao, he was more keen on proving himself to his classmates, and soon enough, they carved for themselves this small friendship group.

5. The Left Ear

The left ear

This drama had one of the most memorable love triangles I have ever seen in a Chinese drama, and if you like angst, you are definitely going to enjoy this one.

Here, we meet Li Er who has feelings for Xi Yi who in turn is attracted to Li Ba La, but then Ba La dies after graduation, and both Li Er and Xi Yi try to pick up the pieces.

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6. Shining For One Thing

Shining For One thing

Lin Bei Xing finds out her boyfriend has been dating her best friend behind her back, and then he breaks up with her, so she’s distraught and accidentally ends up traveling back in time to her high school days.

Now that she’s back in the past for some inexplicable reason, she decides to change her future, but then she realizes that there were certain things she missed while living in the moment those many years ago.

7. Exclusive Fairytale

Exclusive Fairytale

Ling Chao and Xiao Tu, childhood friends and rivals, grow up together, and in time, Ling Chao realizes his love for Xiao Tu.

If you have watched When I Fly Towards You, you might recognize our female lead here, and she was just as endearing.

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8. Beautiful Time With You

Beautiful Time With you

Lin Xing Chen and Lu Yi Bai become close despite their differences, and they start supporting each other’s dreams while facing different challenges together.

As I said earlier, youth Chinese dramas focus on the growth of the characters from high school until adulthood, and this drama did it so wonderfully.

9. Stay With Me

Stay with me

Su Yu’s life changes when his mother remarries, and he gets to meet his step-brother Wu Bi.

Initially, these two kids absolutely disliked each other and their new awkward arrangement, but they started becoming friends, and then they fell in love.

There aren’t as many BL Chinese dramas as I’d prefer in rotation, but this is one of the best and most recent ones that you’d definitely enjoy.

10. Time And Him Are Just Right

Time and him are just right

In this drama, Lin Xi and Ji Jun Xing start falling for each other while pursuing their dreams and supporting one another through friendship.

Friends to lovers dramas always hit right, and Lin Xi and Jun Xing were the most heartwarming pair ever.

What do you think? Will you check out any of these high school Chinese dramas? Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comment section.

And don’t forget to get recommendations for even more Chinese dramas in the related posts below.


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