10 Interesting Historical Chinese Dramas Set In The Song Dynasty

Chinese dramas set in song dynasty

From mind-blowing inventions to jaw-dropping artistry, the Song dynasty was basically one of the most transformative points in Chinese history.

Spanning from 960 to 1279 AD, the Song dynasty was a golden era characterized by remarkable advancements in art, science, and governance.

And these totally amazing Chinese dramas set in the Song Dynasty more than show exactly how successful this period in time was. 

You’re going to be hooked by them and you’ll be thinking about them for a long time after. 

1. The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Legend of the Condor heroes

This drama is an adaptation of the classic wuxia novel by Jin Yong, and the drama stars Yang Xuwen, Li Yitong, Chen Xingxu, and Meng Ziyi.

It revolves around the love story of Guo Jing, a loyal and honest hero, and Huang Rong, a witty and cunning heroine. 

They also join forces with other martial artists to fight against the Mongol invaders and the traitors of the Song dynasty. 

2. The Story of Ming Lan

The story of Ming lan

Sheng Ming Lan is a clever but neglected daughter of an official in the Northern Song dynasty. 

She grows up in a family full of schemes and conflicts and learns to conceal her true self and use smart tactics to survive. 

She then meets Gu Ting Ye, a wealthy and frank son of a marquis, who suffers from his enemies’ plots and loses everything, so they cooperate to overcome their difficulties and rise in status and justice.

3. Oh My General

Oh my general

Ye Zhao is a female general who pretends to be a man in the Song Dynasty, and since she has a lot of power the Empress Dowager is afraid of her. 

So she decides to marry her off to the Prince of Nanping, Zhao Yujin, who is a beautiful but useless prince who likes art and music. 

Now, they have to deal with their different personalities and fight for control in their new household.

4. Time Flies and You Are Here

Time flies and you are here

A contract marriage brings together Zhao Xiao Qian, a prince who is lazy and unskilled, and Xie Xiao Man, a common girl who believes in education. 

She has a passion for learning and he has a desire to be a general, and while they have a lot of disagreements at first, they slowly become fond of each other and support each other. 

They then encounter many trials and dangers together as they learn to value and support each other as a married couple.

5. Palace of Devotion

Palace of Devotion

This drama follows Liu E, a concubine who rises to become the empress dowager of the Song dynasty. 

She is a woman of wisdom, courage, and compassion, who supports and influences the reigns of three emperors, and she also faces various challenges and enemies in the palace and beyond. 

The Song Dynasty drama is based on a novel by Xiao Qi Xiao and stars Liu Tao, Vic Chou, Han Geng, and Winston Chao and you’ll love it. 

6. The Plough Department of Song Dynasty

The Plough Department

This detective thriller drama follows the cases solved by the Plough Department, a special agency that handles the most difficult and mysterious crimes. 

The department is led by Pei Zhao, a brilliant and cold-blooded prince, and assisted by Yuan Jinxia, a lively and fearless constable. 

7. Joy of Life

Joy of life cdrama

Fan Xian is a young man who was adopted by a mysterious organization and trained in martial arts and medicine. 

He later becomes a court official and gets involved in the political intrigues and conspiracies of the Song dynasty. 

8. Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of peaceful joy cdrama

Based on the life of Emperor Renzong of Song who ruled for 41 years and was known for his benevolence and reforms, this lovely Chinese drama set in the Song Dynasty is a total must-watch.

It shows the complex relationships between the emperor, his consorts, his ministers, and his subjects and stars Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, and Bian Cheng.

9. No Boundary

No boundary

No Boundary is one of the best light xianxia dramas I watched recently that I 100% adored and I know you’ll appreciate it as well! 

Duan Mucui, a half-human and half-demon princess, falls in love with Zhong Kui, a demon hunter and a scholar, and they soon join hands with other characters to fight against the evil forces that threaten both worlds. 

10. The Song of Glory

The Song of glory

In the troubled Liu Song Dynasty, the young emperor, Liu Yi Kang, marries Shen Li Ge, the daughter of a powerful military family, to gain their support in reforming the country and defeating the corrupt aristocrats. 

But, their journey is full of challenges and sacrifices, as they face enemies, tragedies, and their own broken hearts. 

Which of these historical Chinese dramas set in the Song Dynasty will you give a chance? Let me know if you have any other recommendations.

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