6 Lovely Age-Gap Chinese Dramas Where Love Knows No Boundaries

Age gap Chinese dramas to watch

As far as I am concerned, unless it’s an overtly illegal relationship, age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. 

Yes, they might have been born years apart, but what matters is that their hearts found each other at the right time. 

So, if you’re in the mood for some romantic Chinese drama with leads who have the most adorable age gaps, you need to check these ones out. 

1. Hidden Love

Hidden Love cdrama

Sang Zhi falls for Duan Jia Xu, her brother’s friend who’s five years older than her, but it fizzles out after they lose contact. 

A few years later and she’s in university while he’s working and they soon start falling for each other the more they interact. 

2. Amidst A Snowstorm of Love

Amidst A Snowstorm of Love cdrama

Billiards player Yin Guo meets Lin Yi Yang during a snowstorm and sparks fly. 

And Yi Yang, who was once a billiards star, decides to return to the sport after being inspired by Yin Guo’s passion.

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3. Love Me If You Dare

Love me if you dare

Criminal psychologist Simon, with the help of his assistant Jenny Jian Yao, dives into the minds of criminals to solve tough cases. 

In time, Jenny helps Simon open up emotionally and it was the sweetest thing watching these two who had the most different personalities and an age gap fall for each other. 

4. Sunshine of My Life

Sunshine of My Life

Ming Xuan meets Mo Fei but they part ways for their careers. 

Later on, fate brings them back together as business partners and their relationship becomes deeper.

5. Be With You

Be with you cdrama

Cartoonist Qi Nian is barely hanging on to her job as a webtoon creator because of her inability to write true love stories.

She’s then told to get some real-life experience which she does accidentally with Ji Yan Xin and she decides to do all she can to stick by his side.

You guys, the age difference between these two was so obvious from the get-go, but I appreciated the way they found common ground.

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6. Falling Into You

Falling Into You cdrama

Duan Yu Cheng dreams of becoming a high jumper despite his height. 

With the help of coach Luo Na, he pursues his dream despite the many difficulties.

What do you think? Will you watch any of these totally amazing romantic age-gap Chinese dramas? Let me know in the comments.

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