Han Hyo Joo & Ju Ji Yoon Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Disney+ K-Drama “Blood Free”

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Isn’t this the most exciting piece of news ever?? 

It’s now confirmed that Han Hyo Joo who headed Moving and Ju Ji Yoon, who’s a star in his own right, will play major roles in the yet to be released thriller drama. 

Disney+ has set a record for producing the most memorable, thrilling, and absolutely captivating Korean dramas, so the anticipation and expectations for this one are particularly high. 

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Blood free

The Disney+ thriller K-drama about superheroes, Moving, made the headlines in multiple countries last year, and the same applies to the 2024 A Shop For Killers starring Lee Dong Wook. 

Also called Dominion or Dominant Species, this drama follows the happenings and strange events tailing and encircling a company that deals in factory-produced, consumable meat. 

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Han Hyo Joo will play the role of Yoon Ja Yoo who founded BF, the company manufacturing the artificial meat, while Ju Ji Hoon will play a military officer turned bodyguard who gets entangled in her life.

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Other characters include Kim Sang Ho, who’s Ja Yoo’s partner in arms and the brain behind their company; Lee Jee Joon will play the prime minister who wants to control BF company; and Lee Moo Sang will play Ja Yoo’s co-founder and long-time friend.

Lee Soo Yeon, who produced Bo Ra! Deborah and wrote the screenplays for both seasons of Stranger, Life, and thriller drama Grid, is making a big comeback after a two-year hiatus with this one, so this drama is in safe hands.

Blood free 4

As with several other Disney+ dramas, Blood Free will only be available to watch on Disney+ and Hulu with ten episodes in total.

The release schedule hasn’t been released at the moment, but based on precedents, one episode might be released weekly from the 10th of April (airing date) until it’s completed. 

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