First Trailer of 2024 Xianxia Drama “Moonlight Mystique” With Bai Lu & Ao Rui Peng Has Been Released

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A few days ago, we reported that the team of Moonlight Mystique officially announced that they had wrapped up filming and not too long ago, the first official trailer has been released. 

I tried to pay attention while watching (I really did), but I’m afraid Ao Rui Peng’s visuals made me too distracted – It genuinely feels like this role was created for him alone and I can’t imagine anyone else pulling it off. 

Moonlight mystique cdrama

And Bai Lu is such a talented and natural actress and from what I’ve seen of the trailer, she’s her usual chirpy self and she has amazing chemistry with the other characters.

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Unfortunately, we still do not have an official release date, but with filming officially finished and this new trailer released to us, I’d wager that we might get it in a couple of months. 

Here’s the trailer:

Also, the official cast lineup has been released, so we will see very familiar faces like Dai Lu Wa (Hao Ling Yi from Lost You Forever and Jiang Ke Le from Love Crossed) and even Quan Yi Lun, who you might remember for his role as Lu Shi from An Ancient Love Song). 

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Then again, this is a Chinese drama and the industry is most popular for not shying away from making last-minute changes that totally flip whatever has been established, but it looks like this is a go and I’m here for it.

Will you watch Moonlight Mystique when it’s released? Let me know in the comment section. Also, what do you think about the casting? 

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