Xiao Yao: Tan Song Yun & Neo Hou Have Different Personalities But The Same Mission In Upcoming Xianxia C-Drama

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Xiao Yao is one of the dramas I’m genuinely enthused and eager to watch because it stars two of my biases and I already know it’s going to be great.

This fantasy drama is set in a world where humans and demons just barely coexist, and both sides are frantically looking for the Jade Wine Divine Spring. 

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Xiao Yao (Tan Song Yun), our female titular lead, soon finds herself thrust into this world of political machinations and endless greed and together with Hong Ye (Neo Hou), the King of Ten Thousand Demons who was born to protect the valley of ten thousand demons, they do what they can to make sure the Wine Divine Spring ends up in the right hands. 

In time, they both start falling for each other and Xiao Yao’s preternaturally bubbly personality slowly thaws his heart while on their way. 

If our female lead, Xiao Yao, looks familiar, that’s 100% understandable – you might have seen her in Road Home, Flight To You, Master of My Own, or The Sword and the Brocade which were all lovely in their own way. 

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Rather surprisingly, this is her very first xianxia role, but she has shown that she’s a more than competent actress, so I’m cautiously optimistic. 

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I first watched our male lead in When We Were Young, which I didn’t love or hate (my feelings are more…meh, but I liked his acting) and this isn’t his first rodeo with xianxia dramas. 

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In 2023, he starred in Youku’s original xianxia drama, Back From The Brink where he played an ancient dragon left for dead until he meets a woman who turns out to be his redemption.

So, he’s sort of reprising his role as a sulky, cold-hearted, and morally bankrupt lead and I know he’ll do well. 

At the moment, there’s not much news about the release date, but what we do know is that it’s slated to have fourth episodes.

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But if you’ve been around for some time, you’ll know that this is a mere formality and depending on fan reactions and all (budget costs, scheduling conflict, etc), it could be increased or shortened. 

I’m curious to see what type of chemistry will exist between our leads because if I’m being 100% honest, this isn’t a pairing I would have predicted.

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Let me know what you think in the comment section. Will you watch this drama when it airs? Do you have any particular events you’re anticipating? 

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