Tan Jian Ci & Zhang Jing Yi Realize Love Is Difficult In Upcoming Chinese Movie “I Miss You”

I miss you 2

The good thing about this drama is that unlike many other upcoming releases, we actually know when this one will be released so my anticipation has actually skyrocketed.

Based on the news put out by the team and the details on the reservation, I Miss You will be released for international viewing on the 8th of March and everyone is clearly excited. 

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I miss you 4

Tan Jian Ci plays Bai Xiao Yu who, after meeting and missing Wang Jin Jin (played by Zhang Jing Yi) gets a do-over but years later, pent-up frustration is eating away at their happiness. 

I miss you 3

I know our male lead from his lead roles in Under The Skin & Love Me, Love My Voice and he’s an actor who eats and leaves no crumbs.

And, our female lead is another familiar face because I watched and loved her in Lighter and Princess, Fall In Love, and Bright Eyes In The Dark

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The first trailer for I Miss You shows them being so clearly and hopelessly in love with each other.

It was genuinely so sweet and I just know I’m going to be so heartbroken when the small cracks start appearing.

First Trailer of I Miss You 2024 Chinese Movie

But, the second trailer made me an absolutely crying mess because now we could really see how they had been struggling to protect their love and how they had collapsed under the weight of it all. 

Second Trailer of I Miss You 2024 Chinese Movie

I feel that I Miss You will show us how external forces play a mighty role in the endurance of a couple’s love and I just know it’s going to be quite bittersweet. What I’m curious about, though, is whether this will have a happy ending.

I miss you Chinese movie

Where will you be on the 8th of March? Make sure you give this upcoming romantic Chinese movie a chance and I know you’ll love it!


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