Sun Qian & Cheng Jing Ke, Co-Stars of 2024 Family Chinese Drama “Islands” Are Rumoured To Be Dating

Sun qian and Cheng jing ke

Apparently, Sun Qian and Cheng Jing Ke, who are playing roles in the 2024 family drama Islands are dating, and a particular salivicious rumour is making the rounds that the two might be living together. 

I personally love it when we get news like this, but the cynic in me keeps whispering that this might simply be a promotion tactic that’s nothing more than a publicity stunt. 

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Cheng 2

They play the sweetest couple on Islands and I’ve been rooting for them from day one and that’s probably why this news is all the more sweeter. Even though they’re both support roles, you can see the shine from a distance. 

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And I genuinely believe that a performer’s private life shouldn’t be any of my business, but I step out of this bracket whenever I’m about to impart good news. 

Sun wuan 2

Neither of their agencies has made a public statement denying or affirming their relationship, but I wish them all the happiest things in life if they’re actually together. 

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