MGTV & Other OTTs Acquire Distribution Rights Over Upcoming Xianxia C-Drama “The Legend of Shen Li”

Shen li distribution license

It’s always good news when the showrunners of a long-awaited Chinese drama complete negotiations concerning the distribution licence and I couldn’t be happier at spreading the good news.

I mean, while I love watching dramas with everything in me, it’s always a hassle to maintain more than two subscriptions at the same time (and the amount adds up very quickly).

And, it can be very frustrating when a flavour of the week isn’t available on your preferred OTT — Licensing distribution is the only situation where everyone wins. 

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Shen li2

The Legend of Shen Li is one of my most anticipated Chinese dramas of all time and I’m not kidding when I say I wanted this drama before it was even written — You’d know if you’ve watched Princess Agents.

Starring Zhao Yi Ling and Lin Geng Xin (the leads of Princess Agents), The Legend of Shen Li will follow our eponymous character, an immortal queen, played by Yi Ling who while escaping from her political marriage ends up on earth. 

Shen li3

Zhao Yi Ling is one of those actresses you might not know by name, but she has been everywhere. She has starred in some immensely popular big productions like The Legend of Fei, Noble Aspirations, and The Journey of Flower and she has fans willing to bat for her.

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Lin Gen Xin will then play the role of the last god in the world and I know he’s going to be absolutely stunning in that role. He played the super smart and super handsome Lu Ji Ming in Master of My Own who made everyone fall in love with the idea of being loved.


Now, news has reached me that Tencent’s The Legend of Shen Li team has finalised their licensing deals with some of the biggest OTT platforms (for global and local reach) so it’s definitely going to get a wider reach and that’s fantastic for the entire team.

The three confirmed ones at this point are Mango TV, Hunan Satellite TV, and Tencent Video (WeTV for international viewers). 

There isn’t an official release date at the moment, but with the news of the distribution licence and the amount of buzz I’ve witnessed in the C-drama community, it’s probably going to hit our screens sooner rather than later. 

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Either way, I’m super pumped and seated for whatever they’re going to give us and something tells me I’m going to have a lot of fun.

What are you watching at the moment? I’m always on the lookout for recommendations and I love talking about dramas!

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