Yang Xu Wen & Liu Yu Ning’s “Eternal Brotherhood” Dropped 6 Episodes on OTT Yesterday & Is Off To A Great Start

Eternal Brotherhood 6

2024 is definitely going to be an amazing year for historical Chinese dramas because it’s only February (or March, depending on your timezone) and we’ve gotten another drama that’s quickly shaping up to be an epic watch. 

Eternal Brotherhood, starring Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, Zhang Ming En, and Li Mo Zhi, just released its first six episodes and positive reviews have already started pouring in. 

Eternal Brotherhood 8

We already know how good Xu Wen’s acting is (Have you watched Love In Time?) and needless to say, Liu Yu Ning who played roles in everything from slice-of-life drama Be Your Own Light to epic historical The Long Ballad is also a familiar face. 

This drama is as political as can be and there’s no way you won’t be swept up in the wave of things because we’ve got visual but not dramatic leads at the helm and the source material is one of the best in recent times – Purple River by Lao Zhu.

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It’s also super atmospheric which is a huge bonus because or ramps up the tension and there’s nothing quite like watching a drama and feeling your pulse quicken in anticipation. 

As usual, new episodes of Eternal Brotherhood will be released every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it’ll be available to watch on Tencent Video, iQIYI, and Viki. 

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Eternal Brotherhood 7

Filming of this drama concluded a few years ago, but just like with many other dramas, release was delayed for an unreasonable amount of time and if I were an actor, I can’t imagine being kept in limbo that way.

Then again, it appears that the male lead had a scandal and with scheduling conflicts all through last year for iQIYI, it had to keep gathering dust on the shelves. 

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What matters, though, is that it finally saw the light and I can’t wait for what’s to come. With everything I’ve seen so far, it seems we’re getting romance, politics, and brotherhood – I’m absolutely seated. 

Have you read Purple River? Will you watch Eternal Brotherhood? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. 


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