Upcoming Wintery Modern Romance C-Drama “Ski Into Love” Starring Yu Shu Xin & Lin Yi Drops First Posters

Ski into love news

Before we get into it, you should know that there isn’t an official release date for Ski Into Love at the moment.

But what’s for sure is that it’s a Youku original and it’ll be available to watch on both the app and the website. 

Ski Into Love is adapted from Xu Guo Wang Zai Dong Mian, a webnovel by Qing Mei and it follows Wei Zhi (played by Yu Shu Xin) & Shan Chong (Lin Yi) who slowly nurture a beautiful romance at Beishan Snow Resort. 

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Ski into love poster

All the stills for this lovely Chinese drama have been the most beautiful and the winter setting makes it all the more enchanting. 

News of this drama comes on the heels of the rounding off the final episodes of Amidst A Snowstorm of Love, which I loved and enjoyed.

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A lot of reviews have mentioned the slow pace of Amidst A Snowstorm of Love, but you need to take your wins where you see them because I personally loved the chemistry between our leads. 

Ski into love 4

Aside from the winter setting, it seems that both dramas will also feature a male lead who once played a sport professionally but stayed out of the game and a female lead who inspires them while finding her own healing for some time and I’m here for it.

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Now, we’ve gotten the very first set of posters for Ski Into Love and they all genuinely look so good and I’m definitely all the more excited for this drama.

Ski into love 3

Will you watch Ski Into Love when an official release date is announced? Have you watched Amidst A Snowstorm of Love? Let me know in the comments below. 

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