Cheng Xing Xu Replaces Chen Zhe Yuan As Male Lead In Upcoming C-Drama “Love on the Turquoise Land”

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We reported earlier that Chen Zhe Yuan’s team and fans had been advocating for a higher pay for the young star and this had paused production and made everyone stagnant.

This had come on the heels of the buzz for equal pay among actors regardless of rank, expertise, and fanbase, and needless to say, it didn’t sit well with the showrunners. 

News has now been released that CZY has officially left the production of Love on the Turquoise Land and been replaced with Cheng Xing Xu, who’ll now play the male lead.

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Love on Turquoise Land 2

And his departure meant the drama had secured the lost funding as well as some more and so they’re now back on track for what’s looking to be an early 2025 release. 

Our new 27-year-old male lead is a very familiar face because he has starred in several big-name dramas including The Starry Love, The Best of Times, and The Legend of the Condor Heroes, so I’m sure this drama is in good hands. 

Xing xu

Dilraba Dilmurat retains her role as our female lead who’ll play a sculptor descended from an army sent out hundreds of years ago. 

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This supernatural romance drama promises everything from the swoons to the romance and the thrills and the expectations are very high. 


At the moment, it seems all is well and good with no possibility of a production issue, so hopefully, filming isn’t overextended or drawn out over the course of time. 

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