Sunrise on the River: Huang Zhi Zhong Wants To Protect His City From Ecological Decay In New C-Drama

Sunrise on the River New cdrama

Sunrise on the River follows Lin Han Jiang (played by Huang Zhi Zhong) who’s appointed as the director of the board charged with overseeing environmental protection, but he quickly realizes that he has his hands full.

For one, his multiple theses about environmental protection and theorized policies that can be put in place to better support the safeguard of the ecological system are put to test when faced with politics and actual execution.

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But Lin Han Jiang is anything but a quitter, so he sets out to solve the issue from the roots and this undoubtedly takes him into the people’s hearts and houses.

It’s adapted from Jiang Liu Tian Di Wai, which is a novel written by Dong Hua Ping, and with only four episodes in circulation at the moment, it’s still unclear how much they’ve changed in the book-to-screen process.

I was very excited when they released the official cast lineup sometime ago because it’s chock-full of popular, household names that’ll strike a chord deep inside.

There’s Huang Zhi Zhong, our male lead who’s a veteran actor in every sense of the word and has so many Chinese dramas and movies under his belt – Have you watched Blue Shield?

Huang Zhi Zhong has made a name for himself for his action-focused roles and I do not doubt that he’ll do wonderfully in this drama as well.

And then there’s Mei Ting who had me rooting for her when she played Jian Dian in the 2021 family drama Happiness Is Easy, so I know this drama is going to be a cakewalk for her.

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Either way, everything from the storyline to the plot promises that this is going to be a thoroughly amazing and interesting drama and I know anyone would enjoy it.

New episodes of Sunrise on the River will be released every day and it’s slated to run for 24 45-minute episodes with new episodes being released every day of the week on Mango TV you can get the app or watch online.

Sunrise on the River2

What do you think? Will you watch this amazing new Chinese drama? I promise it’s going to be all types of fun and you’ll be absolutely hooked.

What are you currently watching? Let me know in the comment section below.

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